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What our customers are saying

Courtney Holmes

1 week ago

It is very potent, 7 days of consuming daily and results are showing, mental clarity, more energy and less food consuming, overall amazing booster.

Stefan Barcelo

1 month ago

I’ve never felt so rejuvenated in my life since I started taking Irie Herbs products, thanks for putting me on bro 👌🏻

Phillip Green

2 months ago

EXCELLENT QUALITY AND GREAT COMPANY TO ORDER FROM! So far it's awesome. Just like in the description, it's authentic product and I am more than satisfied with the benefits. Looking forward to next order. Recommended

Luis Rosado

2 days ago

As an athlete I can honestly say this product has boosted my energy and has made a big impact on recovery after workouts. Everyone should have one of these in their homes!


I-rie \I ' -ree\ adj. Rasta/Jamaican patois

  1. Powerful and pleasing
  2. Excellent, highest
  3. The state of feeling great