Did you know gelatin Capsules only dissolve 25%-30%?
Did you know gelatin Capsules only dissolve 25%-30%?
Did you know gelatin Capsules only dissolve 25%-30%?

Taking nutritional supplements is very important if you want to stay in shape. With that in mind, finding the right supplements can take a while. Usually those supplements come in the form of capsules and they either come in the form of veggie or gelatin capsules. Which is the right option for you? Let’s find out!

Vegetarian capsules

Vegetarian capsules only have plant composition. They don’t have any type of animal origin, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind. They are actually made from cellulose, which is a natural ingredient found in most plants. They also have a natural delivery system, that means your body will acquire all those benefits very fast. They work well with gel, powder and liquid, so there are no real restrictions on how to use them.

They are 100% natural, not to mention non-toxic. In addition, there’s no threat to your health, even if you consume many of these capsules. Since you get natural compounds, you will improve your health while also not having to worry about downsides.

The main advantage is that you don’t have to deal with animal byproducts, and you can use them even if you are a vegetarian. In addition, these veggie capsules come in a vast range of sizes and colors. Plus, you can use them in the long run without having to worry about toxicity.

Gelatin capsules

Gelatin capsules are designed via a process where the connective tissues, bones and hooves coming from animals are boiled into a dedicated substance similar to a gel. The substance is then cooled down and gelatin capsules will appear as the result. These are not stable when you expose them to humidity or gelatin, so you need to keep them in a cold environment. They work great if you use powdered supplements, but won’t work great with gels or liquids.

Why would you use gelatin capsules? These are less expensive when compared to veggie capsules. Other than that, vegetarian capsules tend to be the better option because they are better, healthier and with less restrictions.

Which is a better option?

It’s very important to take your time when you pick capsules you need to ingest often. Each one of these capsules has its own set of considerations. Ideally you want to take your time and assess the pros and cons that each one brings to the table. Based on our experience, we believe that veggie capsules are better. Gelatin capsules can’t be consumed with gel or liquid supplements, they can bring in some nasty side effects.

Thankfully, veggie capsules have no downsides, they have only natural ingredients and that means there are no real side effects. You just have to take your time and if you tackle it adequately, nothing can stand in your way. Take that into consideration and you will be incredibly impressed with the results every time. Remember, you want to invest in those things that will keep you healthy. Veggie capsules help you do that, even if they are more expensive than gelatin capsules. At the end of the day, you need to care about your health, and these are by far the better option!