Aloe Melon



Applying aloe melon to sunburned skin can help the epithelial layer, or the cells that cover the body. It can help replenish moisture that was lost, and its antioxidant properties help the skin to improve more quickly.


Aloe Melon is an ideal moisturizer for those with oily skin or those that use mineral based makeup because it adds moisture without making the skin greasy. Men can use aloe melon as a moisturizing aftershave to help improve the small cuts that occur when you shave.

Skin Acne 

Aloe melon contains the hormones gibberellins and auxin which have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Gibberellin helps the body grow new cells so the skin can improve more quickly without large amounts of scarring. Applying aloe melon can also reduce itchiness and blistering while helping to minimize the effects of skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Skin Aging 

The antioxidants in aloe butter include vitamins C, E and beta carotene among others. These ingredients work to keep the skin hydrated and firm to combat the signs of aging.

Stretch Marks 

Stretch marks are caused when layers of the skin are torn from over stretching. These commonly appear after rapid weight gain, pregnancy or extreme weight loss. Applying aloe melon to these marks can help to improve the tears so they are prominent on the skin.

Skin Problem 

A variety of skin problems including burns, eczema, inflammations, psoriasis or wounds can be aided by products that contain aloe. Aloe Melon helps sooth the pain associated with insect bites, frostbite, burns blisters and more. It can also eliminate the growth of fungus or bacteria that can invade open wounds or cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many capsules per bottle?

100 capsules (500mg each)

What type of capsules do you use?

Hard HPMC, Clear EMBO Capsules. Size # “0”. Vegetable (Vegan). Digestibility: 100%

Can I take with prescription medication?

Do not take with prescription medication.

Can children take the capsules?

Yes, ages 12 and above

Is it safe for vegans?

Absolutely! all of our products are vegan. Contains no preservatives, fillers, binders, food coloring, additives, or other exipients. Free of GMO ingredients, gluten, soy, corn, and nuts.

How to apply clay mask?

Instructions (for use): Mix one part water to one part clay (thick), or, mix 1 tablespoon to ¼ cup of water (thin). Let stand overnight (or for 12 hours). When clay is ready, apply a thin layer of clay to cleansed skin while gently massaging onto the skin with your fingers (be sure to keep the clay away from your eyes and mouth).

As you apply the clay, never use your fingers in a downward motion, apply with upward strokes. Leave the clay on the skin for 7-12 minutes allowing the clay to slightly dry. If the clay begins to crack and itch, it has been on too long.

To remove clay: Use a wet lukewarm or cool soft wash cloth and lay on your face for a few seconds to soften the mask, then rinse the remaining clay off with warm water. Try not to scrub as you remove the clay.

Use twice a week or as needed.

For external use only.

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