Joints & Ligaments Formula


A debilitating condition, joint pain can be experienced as a result of aging, over-use, or auto-immune diseases attacking the joints and their surrounding tissue. If you have tried all available traditional medications yet failed to get the results you expected, this would not be surprising as many drugs only alleviate the symptoms without targeting the underlying cause.

Description: Our Joints & Ligaments Formula is an all-natural, herbal formula for the health, care, and maintenance of the joints and ligaments. The formula also helps with cartilage as well as the tendons. Overall great formula for all adverse joint conditions.

Pregnancy: Safe to consume.

Breastfeeding: Safe to consume.

Ingredients: MSM Sulfur, Burdock root, Devil’s Claw root, Uva Ursi leaf, Boswellia gum, Comfrey root, Horsetail, Organic Wild Oat grass, Organic Alfalfa leaf, Organic Cinnamon bark, Kaishore Guggulu, Organic Ginger root, and Organic Cayenne fruit.

Additional Ingredients: none

Instructions (for use): Take three (3) capsules with water. Use daily or as needed. Best if taken forty-five (45) minutes before or after a meal.

Best Time to Take: Any.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many capsules per bottle?

100 capsules (500mg each)

What type of capsules do you use?

Hard HPMC, Clear EMBO Capsules. Size # “0”. Vegetable (Vegan). Digestibility: 100%

Can I take with prescription medication?

Do not take with prescription medication.

Can children take the capsules?

Yes, ages 12 and above

Is it safe for vegans?

Absolutely! all of our products are vegan. Contains no preservatives, fillers, binders, food coloring, additives, or other exipients. Free of GMO ingredients, gluten, soy, corn, and nuts.

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